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The key word in everything we do at BEL’EXPORT? Quality! We monitor developments in our sector very closely to be able to continue guaranteeing this quality. We implement the latest techniques and always work according to the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

Our certifications and standards

ISO 9002

Food safety management systems

This norm is the standard for food safety. It offers proof that our company works in accordance with prescribed standards for food safety, identifies all aspects of our business processes and controls any risks. In short: it’s your guarantee that all the products we cultivate, harvest, sort, store, package and transport are 100% safe.

BRC Certificate

The British Retail Consortium specifies the criteria for food safety and quality for producers that want to supply their products to the retail trade in the United Kingdom. BEL’EXPORT has implemented the HACCP system to achieve this standard. This system is a risk-inventory for foodstuffs that minimises the risk of contamination during the production process.



The International Food Standard is a standardised reporting system that subjects companies that produce or process food to an audit. The standard focuses on setting up the HACCP system, implementing the basic principles of a quality system (such as the treatment of crops and traceability and recall of products) and compliance with good production practices and hygiene within the company.



BEL’EXPORT strives to run an environmentally friendly operation. This means we respect the Integrated Pest Management system standards and only use integrated cultivation techniques. We avoid the use of pesticides and use natural resources as much as possible to combat harmful organisms. We can use natural predators such as ladybirds and mites, and also use natural enemies to fight many pests by using selective pesticides when the damage threshold of some pests is exceeded. This means spiders, bugs, wasps, etc. are not killed. It also means we can even supply fruit with no residue. After the first formations, we carry out a thinning procedure so that only the very best fruit remains and can grow under optimal conditions. This approach leads to high-quality products cultivated in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.


GLOBALG.A.P contains the most important guidelines for the global production standard for agricultural and horticultural products and defines the minimum requirements that fruit and vegetables must satisfy for retailers. GLOBALG.A.P supports the HACCP system principles and is a resource for integrating IPM in commercial agricultural production.

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Iso 9001
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