Bel Export


Our range of vegetables excels in freshness and delicious, natural flavours. BEL’EXPORT is your partner for sorting, storing, packaging and transporting high-quality vegetables all year round. We have leeks, tomatoes, lettuces and carrots – all bursting with vitamins and minerals.

Our vegetables


Baby leeks are available from April until August, autumn leeks from September until November and winter leeks from December until April. Leeks are low in calories and high in fibre and vitamin A.

Salad leaves

All varieties of salad leaves are very rich in vitamins. The most common is iceberg lettuce, which is abundantly available all year round.

Lollo Bionda & Lollo Rossa

Lollo Rossa and Lollo Bionda have a loose head crop with very curly leaves. Lollo Rossa is the red variant, Lollo Bionda the yellow.


Iceberg is a very firm lettuce. The leaves are crisp and crunchy and it’s more flavoursome than normal lettuce with a very long shelf life.


This large, highly valued Belgian tomato has a multi-cell structure with firm flesh. It’s a flavoursome and juicy tomato that’s very versatile in the kitchen. A mainstay in Belgian tomato growing.


This homogeneous glossy tomato is very firm with a long shelf life. They are dark red in colour and well known for their consistent quality.


Elite tomatoes are characterised by their excellent uniformity and beautiful presentation. They are firmly attached to the vine with a deep red colour. Elite tomatoes have a long shelf life and are very firm with strong, bright green vines.


The exclusive Ministar tomato has an exceptional flavour, deep red colour and sweet aftertaste. The vines in a fishbone shape ensure a beautiful presentation.

Root crops

With root crops, we make a distinction between carrots that are available from early (under glass) until later in the year and carrots without any foliage that are mainly available in the winter months. Root crops are very rich in carotene and vitamins A and C.